“It is clear our citizens are currently driving to other communities to buy beer, fine wine and spirits, and Bedford loses tax revenues and jobs. Our purpose is to gather the signatures needed to call an election to let the voters decide.”

- Sal Caruso

Why Voting "For" Helps Bedford

Dr. Rob Gagliardi, Pharmacy Manager at Albertson’s and group member pointed out how much revenue the city could be losing. “Based on our population, studies show we could be gaining nearly $11.5 million dollars a year in additional sales, more than 100 new jobs and generate more than $240,000 in local sales tax revenue. This would allow us to keep those tax dollars and jobs in Bedford.”

In 2008, Texas economist Ray Perryman issued a report documenting the impact elections to legalize alcohol sales have on a community. “The alcoholic beverage industry is an important contributor to the state economy, supporting some $36.6 billion in total annual spending and more than 300,000 jobs,” noted Perryman in his report.

The report released findings on the impact of Texas communities based on population. The US Census Bureau places Bedford’s population at 49,486. Adjusted for a city of 25,000 population, the partially ‘wet’ status of sales allows the city to currently receive as much as $26 million in annual sales and over $ 600,000 in local tax revenues.

However, the City’s dry status for spirits (package liquor sales), the City could realize as much as an additional $ 11.5 million in annual spending, 109 more jobs and another $ 243,000 in local sales tax revenues.

Bedford-Texas-Alcohol-Sales-Economic Impact

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