About the election in Jasper county, tx (jp 4)

Grocery and retail stores are some of the best job creators we have. They also produce a great deal of sales tax revenue for the area. Supporting our stores like Brookshire Brothers is good for the community and they need to be able to sell the same products their competitor is selling right down the road.
— Joe Dupree, Buna

Jasper JP 4 (Buna) Residents: If you cast a “Straight Ticket” vote, you WILL NOT have voted on theBeer-Wine Proposition. After marking your “Straight Ticket” choice, please go to the bottom of the ballot and vote “FOR” the Jasper County JP 4 Local Option Proposition and to keep our tax dollars and sales local.

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voting information

Early voting

Jasper County Courthouse Annex • 271 E. Lamar Street, Jasper

Oct 22- Oct 27 8am – 6pm

Oct 29 – Nov 2 8am – 6pm

Buna Sub-Courthouse • 33625 US Hwy 96 N, Buna

Oct 25, 26, & 27 8am – 6pm

election day - november 6

7am – 7pm

Voting Box 9 Buna

East Buna Methodist Church, 935 Hwy 62, Buna

Voting Box 15 Buna

West Buna SubCourthouse, 33625 US Hwy 96 N, Buna

Voting Box 16 Cherry Cove

Cherry Cove Baptist Church, 114 CR 826, Gist