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  • Currently, there are 10 versions of “wet” in Texas
  • Elections can be held in 3 jurisdictions.  Countywide, Justice of the Peace Precinct or Municipal City Limits 
  • Since 2003, nearly 600 Texas communities have legalized some form of alcohol sales 

Prosper Local Option Alcohol Effort 

  • Prosper is located in (2) counties, Collin & Denton
  • 16,000+ Registered voters
  • 3,600 Valid signatures needed (on both petitions)
  • Election:  Nov 3, 2020

Prosper: Current Status

Prosper is wet for two types of alcohol sales.  In 2004, voters approved beer & wine for off-premise consumption and 2006 approved mixed beverage sales in Restaurants.  In 2012, voters narrowly defeated legalizing package store sales by 48-52 margin (less than 200 votes 

  • Beer/wine off-premise Prosper (All Counties) (Grocery & Convenience Stores) (2004)

  • Restaurant On Premise, Liquor by the Drink Prosper (All Counties) (Restaurants only, no bars) (2006)

  • Package Liquor Store Sales Prosper (All Counties) Defeated (200 votes—2012)

Prosper: Proposed Status—2 Petitions 

Petition #1

  • Legal sale of mixed beverages in restaurants by food and beverage certificate holders only 

Voters approved this same version in 2006.  However, the City has expanded and annexed additional areas that are still dry.  This will allow those areas to be under the same law as was passed in 2006.  There are parts of town that could attract restaurants like Applebee’s, Chili’s, Pappadeaux, etc.  but will need the law to be uniform throughout the city.

Petition #2

  • Legal sale of all alcoholic beverages for off-premise consumption only 

Package Liquor Stores:  This will expand current law to allow package liquor stores like Specs or Total Wine –it will NOT allow bars or nightclubs.  This version will expand the law to allow community leaders to attract a fine wine package store like a Specs or Total Wine.

Prosper—Economic Impact 

The 2019 estimated population was over 28,000, however, based on the retail market area, those people in surrounding communities that shop in Prosper, the number could be much higher.  Based on the calculations of a 40,000-pop city, Prosper’s potential economic impact of distilled spirits sales is nearly $ 9.3mm in annual sales, 90 jobs, and nearly $200,000 a year increase in local sales tax revenues. This does not factor in increased property tax revenues from new construction.

This is an economic issue—Allow Dry areas to have restaurant sales like was approved in 2006 and allow the recruitment of fine-wine package stores.

Keep Retail Tax Dollars and Jobs Local

By changing the law, we will allow our Prosper residents to shop locally to purchase fine wine and spirits.  This will benefit us by added more than 90 more jobs and nearly $200,000 a year in local sales tax revenue.  This will also allow areas that are current dry (because they were annexed into the Town limits after the 2006 election) to allow legal alcohol sales.  Then all of Prosper will have the same law for off-premise alcohol sales (beer/wine/spirits) and on-premise restaurant sales (but will only apply to restaurants—not stand-alone bars).

Safer Roads.

Changing the law will also save people from having to drive to neighboring communities to purchase alcohol.  Shorter drive times mean fewer accidents and alcohol-related highway fatalities.  

Shop Local 

Prosper is not ‘dry’ for the consumption of fine-wine and spirits—only the retail sale.  People purchase spirits in neighboring communities and drive back to Prosper.  Changing the law will allow people to shop local, generating local tax revenue and jobs.    


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